Using Templates in Audience

Using Templates in Audience

With Audience you can use an email template, so your newsletter will always start from the same point, and let you create the content and not the email every time.

In Audience, our template functions are still in their early stage.

We only have 2 basic templates to get you started, cleverly named

  • Number 1
  • Number 2

You can clone these templates and make some changes and customisations.

We also have two options to create your own templates.

Template Editors in Audience

These allow you to create your own template, using MJML or HTML the editors are the same as we use for creating the email.

MJML Editor to Create a Template

Set as Default

You can set a template as the default template for a newsletter.

So each time you click to create an email, the template will be loaded for you.

Audience Editor With a template

You can then add the content you want into the email and make what ever changes you want.

The template functions and customisations on offer in Audience as of writing this post are still very early, we are adding more options and more templates all the time though and will be adding more functionality as we grow.

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