Using SendGrid with Audience

Using SendGrid with Audience

In this post, we'll cover the basics of getting Audience set up to work with SendGrid.

The Settings

In Audience, we need some settings configured so we can set up SendGrid.

Audience - SendGrid settings

API Key - This is the API key from SendGrid we will use to send the emails

Email - The email we will send the test/activation email with.


Once you log into SendGrid, end to the Settings > API Keys

Settings menu in SendGrid

Create a key for Audience to use, you can set the access settings you want. (Full or Restricted and just give Audience the access you want. Keep in mind we need to send your email newsletters)

Audience API Key

Once the Key is created you can view and copy it, SendGrid won't show you that key again so make sure you copy it the first time.

Save it into Audience and hit connect.

Test and Activation Email

That's it, once you have set SendGrid, we will send the test email. Click the "Activate" link in that email and you are ready to start sending.