Create your Newsletter in Audience

Create your Newsletter in Audience

In Audience you can create different newsletters and capture signups for that newsletter.

Audience Create newsletter

We need you to give us a name for the newsletter so you can find it in your list. Your name and email that we will use when we send the newsletter.

You can give the newsletter a profile image and a description if you want.

Newsletter Audience

Audience can have different lists of subscribers so you could do like me and have a few different newsletters for different subscriber segments.

For me, I have

  • Audience Update - These are only sent to users
  • Audience Newsletter - This is the blogs newsletter, you can find the signup form at the bottom.
  • Audience Wait List - This is everyone who signed up for the pre-launch waitlist.

Once you create the newsletter in Audience, you can start sending and collecting subscribers.

Audience Newsletter View

Happy Sending!